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ANNA Chapter 506 of San Diego NEPHROS SOUTH
Chapter achievements in 2001
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What we have done

Established and implemented a theme for the chapter of  CARE FOR THE CAREGIVER, providing recognition to our nurses for being such great CAREGVERS.

Named our newsletter Nephros News.

Implemented e-mail group for officers and local membership

Financial incorporation

Obtained generous corporate support for educational programming, offering a total of 20.5 CEH through the chapter.

Provided full day program Back To The Future: A multidisciplinary approach to idnetification and management of chronic kidney disease.

Mary Jane Roth, a local member submitted an article about San Diego for publication in the the ANNA Advance Practice meeting  program

Anneli Ford represented Nephros South at the Legislative Workshop in February 2002

All five officers represented the chapter at the Leadership Conference in Dallas in March 2002

President & President-Elect will represent chapter at the National Symposium in May 2002

Nephros South Web site on-line

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