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Download Member Application here

Use either link above to join/renew ANNA membership.  Specify  Chapter 506 - Nephros South as your ANNA chapter location. 

The various types of membership are presented below so that you can see the benefits that are available when you join our professional organization.  Once you register on line, contact our secretary Kathi Amarillas at to ensure you are added to our mailing list and kept updated about our activities.
Active Membership - Any registered nurse licensed in the United States, Canada, or Mexico with an interest in the care of nephrology patients is eligible for active membership.  International membership is available to registered nurses living outside of North America.

Associate Membership - All licensed practical/vocational nurses, technicians, dietitians, social workers, physicians, and others interested in the care of nephrology patients qualify for associate membership. Associate members have all the privileges of active membership, except voting, holding office, serving as chairpersons of standing committees, or serving on certain committees.

Student Membership - Any student within a nursing program leading to licensure as a registered nurse is eligible for student membership. If the student has already attained the status as an RN, the member is considered a full member and student membership does not apply. To apply for student membership, please download and print the membership application and remit the application accompanied with a statement from you that shows the name and address of the nursing school in which you are enrolled.

Membership Year - ANNA's membership year runs from April 1 through March 31. All memberships expire on March 31.

Benefits of Membership - ANNA membership provides you with access to the following professional resources and membership benefits: Six issues of Nephrology Nursing Journal; Six issues of the ANNA Update; ANNA's newsletter. Networking opportunities with your peers through special interest groups and local chapter activities, legislative and health policy representation, access to ANNA's Web site, 26 issues of E-News/RenalWEB, ANNA's biweekly news service about the latest nephrology and dialysis-related news issues, clinical information, 12 issues of E-News/Association News, ANNA's monthly news service that highlights the Association, upcoming articles in the Nephrology Nursing Journal, educational opportunities, etc., free access to CapWiz, ANNA's subscription service that enables members to easily find out who represents them in Congress and to write messages to legislators, distance learning activities through audio conferences, ANNA's Web site, and articles in the Nephrology Nursing Journal, educational programs such as the National Symposium and Fall Meeting at significantly reduced fees, leadership development opportunities, scholarships, grants, and awards, the opportunity to elect your leaders, discounts on ANNA publications, and reduced rates for Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission (NNCC) examinations.
1 Year Active Member $60
1 Year Associate Member $50
1 Year International Member $75
1 Year Student Member* $30
2 Year Active Member $115
2 Year Associate Member $95
2 Year International Member $145
3 Year Active Member $165
3 Year Associate Member $140
3 Year International Member $210

* Student Membership requires verification of student status and is not available online.

* There is no cost to belong to our local San Diego ANNA Chapter.  Local chapter membership is part of the national ANNA benefits you receive.  However, to receive membership discounts on the many educational opportunities we conduct, you must hold a current ANNA national membership.

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