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ANNA Chapter 506 San Diego NEPHROS SOUTH
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This page will have a copy of our newsletter and will  be updated on a regular basis.

 Volume II Issue 4

          This is the winter edition of the Nephros South newsletter. Yes, winter. With the beautiful, balmy weather we are experiencing in San Diego, its hard to believe that it is still January and the holidays are only a recent memory. Living in paradise it is easy to be lulled into complacency. However, the New Year opens with all the realities of our daily lives.

          Having a strong military presence in San Diego makes us all very aware of the impending war with Iraq. All of us are affected by the economy, unemployment, and the high cost of living. The worldwide shortage of nurses is foremost in the minds of those of us who provide healthcare. The problems we face present us with challenges for the present and the future. As members of the nephrology nursing community of San Diego, we cannot solve all of the problems of the world, but we can continue to do what we do best to support each other personally and professionally through participation in Nephros South activities.

The current board of officers has worked hard for the last two years to serve the membership. We extend special thanks to Barbara Merkle for her continued leadership and dedication to nephrology nurses and Nephros South. Kathy Ryan has been phenomenal in her role of programs coordinator, organizing a variety of interesting educational offerings, the first managers dinner meeting in this community, and Nephros Souths first full day educational conference. Both Kathy and Barbara network on regional and national levels to promote Nephros South interests. Gloria Booth has made us more aware of legislative issues pertinent to nursing and nephrology. Patrick Burkes was instrumental in the chapter incorporation of Nephros South with ANNA, as well as, keeping Nephros South in the black. He is the master of diplomacy in handling the financial concerns of our chapter. Kathi Amarillas has put her efforts into increasing communication within the chapter.  We have accomplished much with great teamwork and the support and participation of our membership. Amidst our busy lives, we have tried to make a difference. Nephros South was selected ANNA Regional Chapter of the Year, and we will strive to serve with excellence again in 2003. The highlight of this year is the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Nephros South. (See flyer enclosed.)

This Newsletter includes several flyers of coming events and the ballot for chapter officers. Please take time to read all the information and reserve time to join in the meetings and events. Please return the ballot as soon as possible. If there is anyone who would like to help on the board without being an officer, we can use all of your talents. Please call or email anyone of us.

Barbara Merkle 858 552 7517

Kathy Ryan

Patrick Burkes

Kathi Amarillas 858 560 9093 (H), 858 552 7517

Gloria Booth


The recent proposed legislation for dialysis funding did
                                    not pass. Gloria Booth will inform us when we can again send grassroots letters to our congressmen. We will provide all of
with the letters
                                    and addresses at the appropriate time.  

Although we in Nephros South review the year 2002 with satisfaction and accomplishment, we ended the year with sadness. Lyn Conley, recently retired transplant coordinator at UCSD, died on December 21, less than a month after being diagnosed with liver cancer. We celebrate her many accomplishments and honor her memory as a woman, a mother, a nurse, a colleague, and a friend.  The nephrology community in San Diego thanks Lyn for her many years of service.  We will draw inspiration from her spirit of grace, dignity and compassion to continue on our journey.

Barbara Merkle and Lyn Conley shared a home for the last seventeen years, and so it was Barbara who was with Lyn and her family during the last few days of Lyns life. Barbara has written a memorial to Lyn, which follows:

 Memorial to Lyn Conley

Lyn Conley died from liver cancer on December 21, 2002. She was a mother of 4 children, grandmother to 5 kids, and a retired nurse. Lyn was also my friend and roommate for seventeen years. She lived her life on her terms with grace and dignity. She had a gentle way about her. Lyn loved the outdoors, always watching for birds in the backyard or fields. She volunteered at the Chula Vista Nature twice weekly caring for the plants and flowers. Never one to sit still, she was up at dawn, ready to start her day with exercising. This would include walking, bicycling, kayaking around San Diego, using her Pilates machinery, yoga, and Tai Chi. There was never a trail she couldnt hike on. During quiet times, she read, worked on 1000 piece puzzles, fill in crossword puzzles, and listen to classical music. But, what was most important to her were her family and the times that they shared together.

Lyn contacted Hepatitis C. She was ill for about one week. Throughout the years, her liver enzymes were normal and her viral load was negative. After eleven years at NMC, Lyn became a renal transplant coordinator at UCSD. After 10 years in this role, she retired in May 2001. She had places to go and people to see. Lyn loved to travel with company or by herself. She looks at the map and just takes off.

If you would like to share a story about Lyn with her family and friends, please visit this website:

Click on Making Everlasting Memories

Enter Conley in upper right space

Scroll down to Lyn Conley. A page will open up where you can view her Biography, Tributes, Images, and Slides (PowerPoint presentation)

Click on Send Tribute. Enter your name and e-mail, then just type in a funny tale, inspiring words, something special, etc in the space. Then click on Send.


We may make past editions of the newsletter available for download.